I have started the #100daysofcode challenge again for the second time. The first time I had started, I couldn't complete it and stopped half way. I also didn't have a breakdown of how I wanted to go through it. I had only noted that I wanted to learn React. Hence, I learned randomly and I failed at the challenge.

Yes, I did learn React but I did not have a solid grasp of most of the concepts. I have now decided to get back to learning properly. I have noted down what made me fail the first time I started the #100daysofcode challenge. I have now planned how I want to go through with the challenge this time around.

I have created a list of the things I want to learn and I have set up a timeline to accomplish this. Here's a list of the things I will be learning over 100days;

  • ES6 fundamentals
  • Testing
  • TypeScript
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • SQL
  • NoSQL(MongoDB)
  • GraphQL
  • NodeJS

I do have experience working with most of these things and so my learning process is majorly to have a solid understanding. I have set up a Trello board and a Notion workspace to document and track my learnings.

My end goal is to get a solid knowledge of these technologies, work on new projects that will be added to my portfolio and apply for a job. I have set up to finish all of these in February 2021 and then start my job application process.

I will also be documenting my progress and writing about what I have learned on each day as I progress as this will keep me on track and prevent failing the challenge. Watch out for my progress blog posts and peace out.